SC programming language

WARNING! SC is in an early stage of experimentation/design, it is not usable for normal programming.
If you want to experiment with it, it's best to contact timon37, as there are a few tricks to it.

SC aims to simplify programming and source code maintenance not through simplifying the language (the meaning), increasing abstraction, and taking over certain tasks like memory management, but through simplifying the form and providing a more advanced programming environment. SC tries to accomplish this goal mainly through the use of a special binary file format and an editor that “understands” the form and meaning of the language. Calling SC a programming language is somewhat inappropriate since it is not a language, however it fulfills a similar role. The C language forms the basis from which SC is derived, and the possibility of translation from C with binary equivalence (or at least strong similarity) is an important feature of SC.

The thesis "Alternative source code storage format" describes parts of the initial implementation of SC along with features/drawbacks, and potential longterm capabilities: Alternative source code storage format.odt
Alternative source code storage format.pdf

The main parts of the project are: In general the main target audience will be current C programmers that want more concise source code, a more advanced programming environment, and will not care too much about compatibility and portability issues (at least initially).
Additionaly begginers may find it useful due to its extensive and immediate feedback about the code, and relative impossibility of syntax errors.

More information will be in the Docs Wiki

You can find video introductions and tutorials in Media