SC programming language

2013-10-21 19:16:38 - I'm still alive, this'll be a huge success...

Woah been a while, 2012 was quite productive, but 2013 almost killed me (motorbikes, sword combat, and other activities).

All of the meta-programming I've done has been mostly godlike. Which is to say extremely powerful, and sometimes mindrapingly hard. Of course once I "iron out" some issues, and build a good set of helper-tools, algorithms etc. it should be a lot easier (hehe though I admit I thought it would happen faster;).

Got a few interesting concepts queued up, mostly regarding the type/function boundary.
But first I'm trying to force myself to do diff/patch so that perhaps I could get someone to help me with this...
--- timon37

2011-08-15 16:59:36 - Woohooo, more screencasting fun

Well ffmpeg suddenly started to work again, so a new screncast about meta-programming is up in the media section, of course I missed a few points and messed up some but it's better than nothing. It's more of a general introduction into the concept rather than a tutorial on how to use it (which is a bit scary considering it's 50min). As for actual progress, there is none;p I've been busy with the other project and it slowed down a bit but all's right with the world.
--- timon37

2011-07-06 11:32:02 - Whoa it's been a while

So long in fact I forgot what happened when... git to the rescue. Definitely a lot of fixes, and some small improvements so working with scedit ain't as painful. Then there's quite a few experiments in writing meta code for "generative transformations" or whatever that could be called, basically there are some frame functions containing the basic information, and based on those, specific functions are constructed. For example with expressions the frame is where and what objects there are, and specific functions are for calculating the positions size, two kinds of printing, handling mouse movement etc. To be honest I'm not yet convinced this is as awesome as I initially hoped, but it's definitely interesting. The theoretical advantage is much less duplicated information and less spread out information, which means less chances for bugs, (maybe) faster changing of behaviour, and the like. In practice unfortunately it's not yet so rosy, since there is much duplication and clutter between the transforming functions:/
Now I've got a side project which I've wanted to do for quite some time, it's going well and it's pure awesome, but that means sc will not get much love in the coming month. I was planning another screencast showing off meta code but well gnu/linux sucks, but I'll manage something sooner or later, and I'll probably start working on making scedit a bit more userfriendly so it can all come into the limelight a bit.
--- timon37

2011-01-23 00:37:53 - Heh funny but the more work goes on the less news there is

Or at least that's how I like to explain it;p My brave new student life in Warsaw at the polytechnic is... slowly killing me... though not as softly as I'd like. But there is quite a bit of progress though mostly chaotic and in the details. In general it all revolves around interpreting SC, and using that for metaprogramming. I've got a lot of ideas about how to make the editor itself completely awesome (in terms of usability & analysis capabilities) but I'm holding most of them until SC is somewhat usable and I can (almost) safely use it for writing SCEdit (the metastuff will hopefully help a lot). Ohh btw my master's thesis will be something along the lines of "implementing an aspect oriented programming system using the metaprogramming capabilities of SC". Ohh and if anyone reading this is very rich and feels like saving the world please send me a few hundred k$, I could use a new notebook, motorbike, and maybe a 30" screen or three;p
--- timon37

2010-10-31 20:00:24 - Quite a bit of progress

Like copy&paste between files (only within one editor instance), some code auto-fixing, improved syntax, a tabbar (my widget actually supports a complex multi-window/tab/anything config I just haven't written the qt part to handle it), funny zooming, a plugin based translator for clang-2.8 (instead of some svn version), and in general improved this and that. The major punchline is that SCEdit (not just libsc) translates into SC and compiles aaaand mostly works after a few small fixes (SC doesn't yet have compound expressions, and ()?():()). Also SC interpretation is moving quite well, atm I simply export most libsc functions, and all the structures (I just use those from the libsc file), and it can effectively do everything the editor/compiler can. The real challenge here is to figure out an API that would make it simple, fast, concise, just as powerful, and as file-format agnostic as possible.
--- timon37

2010-07-23 18:09:42 - Oops, guess I lied a bit

I haven't made that much progress with the interpretation, and I still haven't started writing the parts that are most important. But I'm pushing it all into the repo since it's been too long, there was a format change, and there's no point in holding it at this point.
--- timon37

2010-06-11 22:56:14 - Long time no news... but it's still alive

I'm currently experimenting with interpretation of SC and using it for preprocessing SC. The changes aren't published yet as they are a bit too crazy;p But if it all works the way I envision then it should prove awesome! To be honest I've been a bit busy with a side project for the past 2 weeks but I'm finishing it soon. So hopefully I should be back in a month or 2 with some to the point news.
--- timon37

2010-04-27 13:56:01 - Yay!

The awesome SCEdit now completely works* with the awesome libsc, translated from C to SC by the awesome clang-sc, and compiled by the awesome SC front-end to GCC!!!
*completely works is a relative term, in SC standards it usually means "worked quite a bit... for me..."
--- timon37

2010-03-26 00:00:00 - Videos, current status

I'm working on some videos highlighting features and characteristics of SC/Edit. One is already up, you can find it in the Media section. As for the source code I'm changing how local variables are organized, so the first video is already slightly outdated, but still relevant;p
--- timon37

2010-03-13 00:00:00 - First!!1

--- timon37